Fresh perspectives, diverse ideas.

Seat@The Table

Seat @ the Table seeks to enable conversations and action so more women earn more seats at more tables at every level of management. Change will only happen if we continue to shine a light on the gaps that remain between men and women in positions of management at every level.

Every year, we host a panel of industry rock-stars – like Plangrid’s Tracy Young, LeanIn’s Rachel Thomas, Bloomberg’s Emily Chang, Gainsight’s Nick Mehta – that share their observations and advice from their different viewpoints to help make a difference in getting more women in tech into management at every level.

Access Fellowship

Each year we provide someone access to the first rung
of the venture capital ladder. Too often, what’s missing
is simply access, and if that exists, our team can provide
insight and opportunity to the next generation.

Women in Leadership

Our team runs a series of women leadership dinners for
every major function – sales, marketing, engineering,
people, and product – bringing together women both in
and outside the portfolio to broaden talent networks
and women leadership networks with one another.
Everyone is encouraged to share ideas and stories,
passing along advice and best practices.

If you see the world like we do, reach out to Costanoa

(We say Coast-ah-no-ah)