Get from good to great faster.

We make a limited number of investments a year so that every founder we work with gets catered attention and guidance through every phase of growth. The hands-on programs we have created are specifically designed to help our founders accelerate finding your first customers, marketing, sales, and hiring. We work together with you to make the magic happen.

We work alongside you.

The Costanoa BuilderOps team is your GTM partner from Day One. As best-in-class marketing, sales and talent executives who have been in the trenches ourselves, our only goal is to empower you with the deep operating experience you need to build better, faster. We want “value add” to be an understatement.

Your go-to team for go-to-market.

Integrated, custom programs specific to your company’s challenges right now.


Sourcing and hiring the people you need at the very earliest stages of your company’s growth can be challenging. What should the timing be? How much should you pay? What are best practices for onboarding and retaining employees? Our seasoned professionals will help you determine all the factors to build a successful team, now and in the future.

Sales & Marketing

As your product positioning comes into focus, the Costanoa team can help create a ripple effect with company launches, messaging, GTM strategy, creating a sales playbook, and intros to key customers.

Company Building

C-Suite duties don’t always come naturally to technical builders. Our team can support your leadership with fundraising coaching, setting up comp plans, team management, and more.

If you see the world like we do, reach out to Costanoa

(We say Coast-ah-no-ah)