Scaling Python Simply

Founded by the creator of Dask, Coiled products ensure that data infrastructure scales at maximum speed, minimum cost, and with the Python tools data scientists already use. Coiled makes it easy for teams and organizations to collaborate and ensures reproducibility with data of any size and simplifies working in the cloud. Coiled’s team has helped scale data work from workstations and laptops to compute clusters and GPUs using Dask. These Dask projects range from machine learning and ETL pipelines to demand forecasting and statistical modeling—for Barclays, Capital One, Harvard Medical School, Los Alamos National Labs, Novartis, USGS, Walmart, Grubhub, and more.

Key Leadership

Matthew Rocklin

Founder & CEO

Hugo Bowne-Anderson

Head of Data Science Evangelism and Marketing

Rami Chowdhury

Head of Product Engineering

Initial Investment


Costanoa Investment



Data/ML Infrastructure