From the whiteboard to the boardroom, we are all-in.

At Costanoa, we back technical founders as early as company formation. We match your all-in commitment with right-time support, faith in your success and the full throttle of our experience, community and expertise behind you. Let us help you build.

Meet our team.

Data. Dev. Fintech.

Our unique experience, network, and expertise has helped B2B founders since our founding in 2012.


BuilderOps: Costanoa's secret weapon for builders.

Accelerating the path to product market fit is the primary objective for seed companies. Our BuilderOps team is purpose built to help you do just that. We start by surrounding you with unmatched experts in all things go-to-market and company-building.  Next we provide support with whatever your company needs most: marketing, sales playbooks, or talent plans. We do everything in our power to help you get to market better and faster. The journey is long, but we’re in it together.


Small team.

Big impact.

We invest in only a handful of great companies a year. What this means for you: We are generous with our time, capital, and support for each and every founder we partner with. We are passionate about sharing our experience and expertise and are usually the founders' first call, both when things go great and when they don't. Our team invests as a team and supports you as you hit each milestone of your company’s journey.

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