November 15, 2023 Firm News

From the East Coast to Costanoa

I’ve always believed change is a catalyst for growth, which is why I’m very excited about the latest change in my life – moving to a new coast and a new firm. As Costanoa’s newest associate, I’m working closely with everyone on the team to cover a wide range of areas: from application SaaS, to fintech, defense tech, cybersecurity, and even deep tech. I’ve spent the last few years in growth investing, talking to tons of amazing founders across all tech sectors. I knew I wanted to move earlier in the startup lifecycle and Costanoa seemed like the best place to do that.

The team here includes some of the most thoughtful and intentional people in venture. They seemed to be the antithesis of the rapid, “deploy capital regardless of cost” frenzy that swept up venture over the past few years. They had their specialties and theses, and stuck to their convictions. From everything I’ve seen so far, that intentionality defines Costanoa – from its thorough diligence to thoughtful conversations, frequent mentoring, and always-relevant assistance.

I’m also looking forward to seeing how Costanoa uniquely extends this intentionality post-investment. Some of Costanoa’s best success stories result from the kind of direct partnership and incubation that only a boutique firm can provide – from the BuilderOps team’s high engagement to the Investment Team’s board leadership. The idea of being one of the first voices of support, and one of the first checks into a world-changing technology company, motivates me to bring my best to the firm every day. While markets definitely haven’t been very optimistic recently, this is still a great time to build startups. I’m looking forward to meeting exceptional early-stage founders and excited to do it at at place as special/unique as Costanoa. If you’re building something cool, or want to meet in the Bay Area, feel free to reach out!



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Michael Parker