January 4, 2024 Must Reads

Hello 2024! Elevate Security’s Next Chapter

Today, we’re announcing the exciting news about Mimecast’s acquisition of Elevate Security.

I first met Robert and Masha when Elevate Security was just a Powerpoint deck. As former cyber leaders at Salesforce, they knew a company’s security posture was largely limited by one thing: human behavior. Their idea was to make how people actually behave–the frequency of changing passwords, what they have access to, whether or not they’d fallen prey to phishing attacks–a key indicator in how to assess, manage and mitigate security risk.

In the six years since, they’ve created a transformative security product used by large enterprises, some of whom have seen up to a 70% decrease in account compromise, phishing and data loss. Analysts looked to them to define the future shape of security, and they’ve won multiple “Most Innovative Company” awards from CISOs.

Mimecast, an advanced email and collaborative security company, shared Elevate’s vision of human risk management being key to protect the digital workplace. It’s why I’m so pleased they acquired Elevate to deepen their ability to provide proactive insights and visibility into human behavior and risk. Elevate Security’s technology prowess combined with Mimecasts’ products will provide customers the next generation of human risk management.

While it’s an exciting step forward for both companies, it’s a bittersweet farewell for me. I’ve been with Robert and Masha for the duration of Elevate’s journey. The startup road is never easy, but they’ve never failed to rise to the moment, lead an extraordinary team, and grow a lot in the process. I know I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve also gained two friends. Masha and Robert will always be, first and foremost, great humans to me.

It was a big team effort to get Elevate to this moment. Thank you to the entire team for all the hard work getting Elevate this far. I remain excited for what lies ahead.

Huge congratulations to everyone at Elevate…and Mimecast! 



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Martina Lauchengco