May 1, 2024 | Must Reads

Rethinking the SIEM: Why the World Needs RunReveal

John Cowgill

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John Cowgill

RunReveal Co-Founders Alan Braithwaithe and Evan Johnson

I’m delighted to announce our investment in RunReveal. RunReveal is a radical rethinking of what a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system should be. It installs in minutes, looks for signal and correlation across log streams, and is built on a modern data stack to power security and AI use cases. But most importantly, it’s designed to be drop-dead easy to use. From building custom detections to searching logs during investigations, it’s way easier to see what’s meaningful. 

Why does the world need to rethink SIEM? Because the old tools don’t fit the new problems. They’ve become too complex, too costly, with simply too much data to manage and adapt to new threats. They make it hard to do what’s most important: fast detection and response.

RunReveal is built by two incredible longtime security practitioners, Evan Johnson and Alan Braithwaithe, who previously helped build the product security organizations at both Segment and Cloudflare together. Their experience building Segment and Cloudflare mapped to our own observation–even the most advanced security teams struggle to detect basic attacks, and the tools practitioners have been stuck with aren’t built for the task at hand.

Early customers love RunReveal, and we’ve been blown away by the product velocity and customer empathy Evan and Alan bring to the table. They are practitioner-first in every decision they make, directly addressing the pain points they experienced trying to buy and implement SIEM products in the past (e.g. why is it so hard to test a SIEM product? why do I never know what my monthly bill will be?). Put simply, the experience of buying, using, and managing RunReveal couldn’t be more night and day different than working with legacy SIEM vendors.

We can’t wait to see what Evan and Alan build from here. They’re shipping fast and bringing on extraordinary talent. If you’re looking for your next security rocket ship, reach out–they’d love to chat with you:


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